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Polkujuoksu ja sometiimi Kuva: Kari Koskinen

Talkootöitä ja polkujuoksua eli ajatuksia siitä, miten ilo maksimoidaan

”What is the next race in the calendar?” , I’m often asked. This year, the calendar has had two big jumpsuit: the Bodom Trail and the Nuuksio Classic bicycle race next weekend .

Neither do I attach the race number to the shirt, but I flick my fingers for a few hilarious, minute days.

Morning Swim in Lake Siikajärvi

In the 2016 Nuuksio Classic polo hat race, I got friends with me at Siikajärvi for a toddler.

Ah, professionals!

In the path events, you can enjoy the joy of helping without special expertise. On the way and on the parking lot, you need trainees, drinkers, aides, distributors of materials. I am glad I got to shovel their very own professional skills to the core, some hommia hoitelemaan.

Pathwork and Talking Photo: Terhi Jaakkola

Talk Talks will allow you to interview interesting people

I work on walnut marketing messages often alone. Path races, I have enjoyed working with incredible professionals. At its best around four professional photographers, a pair of sometashi and one experienced writer. I get to learn better, to share my skills with others. I can enjoy sparring. How would we say that? What is the best time? Is this content relevant? No, we will not publish this, we will put this. What were your goals?

Special men and women

Specialists in path events have done their artwork. Ville’s humor definitely blossoms in the circuits of the route markers. Markers have already started this year’s Nuuksio Classic. They reported the berry and mushroom picking they had collected from the rope bridge. Do not we hope that runners will have to slow down the pace to pick natural substances?

Trail and Talkioväki Photo: Terhi Jaakkola

A small revelation of insider stories: The Reverend and the Angel of Armies are about to be back in work. No worries, they are harmless. Or can laughter ever die?

Pathfinder Image: Miska Koivumäki

Photo: Miska Koivumäki, Bodom Trail 2017

A tight training period, sensitizing and long

There is no sweat in the metalwork when it comes to tattooing, just like the one on treadmill training, but otherwise the preparation is very similar. During the summer sunrise some sunrise will work, so the pathway will not disturb other holidays. Between a long stretch of long loop, some of the shovels are wrapped around the machine – Sometimes I go to some groovy hole only small spurs.

Track and Track Tags Picture: Terhi Jaakkola

How do you mark a route for those in the dark? Karhusolan Tiukunen spent some moments with innovations and chores.

Great feelings

Each year, I will come to the moment when I decide: this takes too much time. I do not want to fuck inside such big slices. Now there is somebody else’s turn. And then there is a race weekend. Familiar talcologists and the atmosphere of the race are taking away.

With professional pictures I get into the woods. In the paint I see runners crossed, some crying for happiness and telling them to have done the last mileage in their own good fortune.

Trail and Talkioväki Photo: Terhi Jaakkola

On the left, the super hero of the agency, whose stairs were more steep than the runners on the day of the race. The right route marker who does everything and more so that no one gets lost on the route

During the Bodom Trail’s evening, the last racers on the trip home, we lay on the lawn. We looked at the sky and let our feelings fresh. With the good people we saw – we again offered thousands of wonderful experiences, woody smile.

Incentive watch and path race belong together.  Photo: Terhi Jaakkola

Päivi and the Alpine Watch, which has been encouraging thousands of runners.

If I run myself, I will only be happy. I can make thousands of talcops in joyful work. When doing something good, come back well. So far has always come.

The pathway and sometium Photo: Kari Koskinen

With these, I get a whole weekend again. Photo: Kari Koskinen, Nuuksio Classic 2015

Still to the starting line?

Do you ever run any lungs in your mouth? To get excited about? Before the race weekend excitement follows the other, I am sure that I will go to talkooriveistä the starting line.

When the kick starts, I turn my stomach all the way around: I want to!

 Trail and Paint Sculpture Photo: Terhi Jaakkola

I could not describe the mood of the paint. Fortunately, they will soon be available live again.

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Pathwork and Talking Photo: Terhi Jaakkola

Race organizers in their favorite puppet: Encouraging runners

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